Instructor SFSU: ECN 830
Advanced Econometric Methods and Applications

In fall 2015 I taught a masters level course on applied econometric methods at San Francisco State University. This course focused on applying econometric tools to real world data, with an emphasis on causal identification. Students were expected to not only conduct econometric analysis but to present results in clear, usable reports. Evaluations, scored 1 (highest) and 5 (lowest) are reported below (department average in parenthesis).

Overall, the course was taught effectively: 1.50 (1.90)

Overall effectiveness of your instructor:      1.67 (1.96)

Instructor has command of the subject:      1.33 (1.57)

Instructor UC Davis: ECN 101
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Instructor UC Davis: ECN 101
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

In summer session 2017 I taught an undergraduate course in macroeconomics. Course topics ranged from long run classical views of growth, to short run stabilization policy.  Special focus was placed on testing theories against data, and understanding the policy implications  from different macroeconomic models, and how those change when underlying assumptions are altered. Evaluations are on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). 

Overall educational value: 4.3

Teaching Assistant UC Davis: 14 Courses

I have been a teaching assistant for 14 courses during my time at UC Davis, these courses include:

Economics Department:

ECN 1A/1B    Principles Micro/Macro

ECN 101        Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (three terms)

ECN 111 A/B American Economic History (early and late)

ECN 130        Public Economics

ECN 135        Money, Banks and Financial Institutions (two terms)

ECN 171        Economy of East Asia

ECN 397        Teaching of Economics (graduate)

Business School (MBA):

MGT 202B Business, Government, and the International Economy

(two terms)

Evaluation averages across my courses as teaching assistant are on a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest):

The TA did a good job in this class:                         4.60

TA section was a good and educational experience:  4.43

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