Trinity College Dublin (Assistant Professor):
EC1140: Introduction to Economic Policy B
EC3121: Money and Banking B
EC8023: Macroeconomics
San Francisco State University (Visiting Instructor):
ECN 830: Advanced Econometric Methods and Applications
UC Davis (Graduate Student):


ECN 101 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory


Teaching Assistant:

Economics Department:

ECN 1A/1B    Principles Micro/Macro

ECN 101        Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (three terms)

ECN 111 A/B American Economic History (early and late)

ECN 130        Public Economics

ECN 135        Money, Banks and Financial Institutions (two terms)

ECN 171        Economy of East Asia

ECN 397        Teaching of Economics (graduate)

Business School (MBA):

MGT 202B Business, Government, and the International Economy

(two terms)



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